Turn your company's TVs and menus into your best salesperson

CIELO’s software solutions easily turn your TVs and menus into a fully interactive and centralized sales and marketing platform to use for promotions and customer engagement so you can make more money.

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Our solutions help you connect with your customers
in new ways and make you more money:

Digital Menu & Promotion

Turn your menu into your best salesperson

Digital Signage

Make more money with your TV’s

Checklist Management

Inspection Management

Spend more time growing your business and less time retraining employees

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Stop getting blindsided by customer complaints on social media

Digital Menu & Promotion

  • Centrally manage your menus and QR codes
  • Promote your best menu items
  • Schedule your menus and present only what people can order
  • Receive instant customer feedback

Digital Signage

  • Plug a TV stick
  • Promote your menu items, daily specials, and events
  • Simple to use on one or more TVs
Checklist Management

Inspection Management

  • Configure critical tasks and let us track them
  • Ace your inspections
  • Reward employees based on results
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

  • Create feedback questions

  • Use the same QR code that you already have for your menu

  • Get instant feedback and avoid social media complaints

Digital menu Cielo Connects

5 New Ways to Engage with your Customers and Make More Money

The world has changed dramatically very recently and this has created new opportunities to engage with your customers in new ways. Companies that embrace these new opportunities will find that they can unlock new revenue that did not exist before, read more…

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Get a FREE configured QR code for your business.

Unlike many QR codes solutions, CIELO is not just redirecting customers to a website we are giving you a platform to make more money, see it in action!

You are missing out on easy opportunities to engage more with your customers and grow your business

High-value customer touchpoints in your business are not being fully utilized to help you grow. Your business could be making more

Turn your Customer Touchpoints into revenue opportunities

Deliver a consistent brand message

Control your brand message at every customer touchpoint

Create a consistent message for your customers, all from one place

Respond to feedback instantaneously

Respond to feedback instantaneously

Whether you need to change a menu item or address a complaint, stay ahead of your customers

Whether you need to change a menu item or address a complaint, stay ahead of your customers’

Deliver the most consistent and impactful customer experience

Make your best impression and see your business grow

Turn your Customer Touch-Points into revenue opportunities

We know it’s frustrating when you realize you have missed sales opportunities in your business

We have helped thousands of businesses in over 50 countries grow their business by connecting with their customers in new ways

CIELO software turns your menus into a powerful solution that skyrockets sales and customer engagement

Here is how we help you make more Money

Control your brand message at every customer touchpoint

1. Activate your customer touchpoints

Enable real-time engagement opportunities with your customers using our solutions

Communicate your message

2. Communicate your message

Cielo connects
Promote your products and improve engagement with your customers

Customer Feedback

3. Deliver best-in-class customer experiences

Impress your customers in new ways that will also make you more money

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Stop missing out on new and easy opportunities to grow your business

Most companies are unaware that they can turn their high-value customer touchpoints into revenue-generating opportunities. CIELO’s software solutions create game-changing digital customer experiences with these high value touchpoints so your business makes more money

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5 New Ways to Engage with your
Customers and Make More Money