Our software solution helps you respond to customer feedback before they become 1-star reviews

Real-Time Customer Feedback for your Staff

Eliminate Negative Reviews Online

Save your Company’s Reputations

Negative reviews on social media can hurt your business

You deserve a chance to make things right before your customers’ post on social media and hurt your reputation

Negative reviews on social media can hurt your business

Become a 5 star rated business using CIELO

Respond to feedback instantaneously

Respond in the moment

Notify your staff of negative feedback in real-time so they can immediately address the issue

Whether you need to change a menu item or address a complaint, stay ahead of your customers’

Measure and improve

Customize the feedback categories you want and track performance of your staff over time

Eliminate negative reviews online

Eliminate negative reviews online

Avoid complaints on social media by having an easier way for your customers to provide feedback

Here is how to eliminate online negative reviews:

We understand it’s frustrating to hear about a negative customer experience for the first time on social media

We have helped thousands of businesses in over 50 countries stay ahead of issues by being proactive in turning complaints into customer loyalty and more business

Here is how to eliminate online negative reviews:

1. Define your questions

Decide what questions you want to ask your customers

Checklist Management

2. Get set up

Onboard onto our easy-to-use software platform

Customer Feedback

3. Address feedback and WOW your customers

Get real-time feedback from your customers that your staff can immediately address

Stop getting blindsided by customer complaints on social media

Customers post complaints on social media because it is the easiest way to provide feedback, not because they want to hurt your business. With CIELO’s software solution, you provide your customers with an easier way to give you feedback so your staff can address the issue in real-time and prevent your reputation from being damaged

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5 Ways to Turn Customer Complaints into Profit

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