Make more money with your menus

With CIELO you can create a whole new digital menu experience that not only increases customer engagement but grows your business.

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Check out these 6 trends for your restaurant post-Covid

Increase your sales

Increase your sales

The benefit of having a digitally customized tool is to be able to align with your sales objectives, so with CIELO you can promote your services and products anytime, and be able to sell your inventory in a short time.

Reimagine your menu experience

Menus are not just a list of items, they are your best marketing and sales tool. With our dynamic menus, you can present your menu items how you like them: images, stories, or descriptions.

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Feel free to configure your menu

Your menu is a tool for your business so start to show it according to your objectives. Centrally manage it, create a dynamic menu that activates on holidays and specific days or hours of the week, and to get a better experience, enable instant customer feedback.

CIELO software turns your menus into a powerful solution that skyrockets sales and customer engagement

Power your customer engagement

Getting good reviews of your restaurant is important for your reputation. With our solution, you can get feedback or recommendations from your clients not only to increase customer engagement but also to improve your services.

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Get a FREE configured QR code for your business.

Unlike many QR codes solutions, CIELO is not just redirecting customers to a website we are giving you a platform to make more money, see it in action!

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