Boost your Business with flexible pricing

Our platform uses a system with QRs to improve the management of your business. Choose the right plan for you.

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Plans that start at $19,99 and grow with you


1- 4 locations/sites

Starting at $19.99


5- 30 locations/sites

Starting at $89


30+ locations/sites

Starting at $399

The number of sites/locations depends on the type of business, for example in restaurants, one location requires at least 6 QR codes, you can include two bathrooms, a kitchen, a customer area, an employee area, and a back office.

*Our platform is very flexible to any kind of business, contact us to get a personalized solution.


Learn how to take your inspections to a new level

How many hours of your day go toward planning, executing, and tracking your inspections? Take a look at how CIELO works and make your inspections a powerful tool to improve your business and make you more money.